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Core Stability Classes

Do you:

Constantly feel tight in the leg muscles?

Feel like you get over one problem, only for another pain to start?

Wish you had better balance?

Have you:

Tried Pilates or Yoga in the past, only to find your neck pain was aggravated?

Found that no matter how many sit-ups you do, your lower belly still sticks out?

Are you:

Recovering from injury?

Hoping to improve your posture?

Aiming to improve your sporting performance?

By improving your core stability, you can make a big difference to how your body works. Improved core stability often results in less back and neck pain and fewer headaches. Learning how to better align the body can help to reduce knee hip and shoulder pain.

Mat classes are held in our practice gym. In these classes we make use of Swiss balls, resistance bands, dumbbells, steps and balance boards. These make the classes challenging and interesting, and most importantly functional.

At Macquarie Street Physiotherapy  we run small group core stability classes with no more than 4 participants. This way, the physiotherapist who runs your class can monitor everyone closely, and avoid any exercise which may not be suitable for you.

If you don't wish to join a class, we offer 1:1 exercise sessions on a week or monthly basis, depending on how regularly you wish to attend (and how much you practise at home!).

For more information call Macquarie Street Physiotherapy on 02 9221 1604

If you are new to Macquarie Street Physiotherapy, we may suggest an assessment session to determine your suitability for core stability classes.

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