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Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I make an appointment?”

To make an appointment please contact our reception on
(02) 9221 1604.

“What are the opening hours?”

Practice hours: Monday to Friday:  8.00am – 6.00pm.

Reception hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 5.30pm

“Do I need a referral?”

A doctor’s referral is not necessary unless you are making a workers compensation claim or third party claim.

“Can I be seen immediately?”

There is a good chance that you can be seen on the day or the day after you call us.

“What happens at the first visit?”

Your physiotherapist will discuss your problem and history with you.  A physical assessment will be made. The physio will explain the impression they have of your problem, why it started and what will be needed to help correct things.  Treatment will commence on the first day.

“How do I pay?”

Payment should be made on the day of service.  Macquarie Street Physiotherapy accepts cash, Mastercard, Visa and AMEX.

“Can I claim this back through my health fund?”

Yes, you can claim a percentage of the fee from your health fund if you have extras cover which includes physiotherapy.  This can be done on the spot through HICAPS if you bring your membership card with you. If in doubt, or to check the exact amount you will recover, check with your fund.

“Can I claim this back through Medicare?”

If your GP finds you eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program, you may be able to recover some physiotherapy costs. This should be discussed with your GP.

“Where can I park?”

Parking is available under our building at Park House.  It is also available at Sydney Hospital, the Domain, and there is limited street parking.  Please see the Location guide on our website for carpark locations.  It is advisable to check the price of each carpark individually as there is variability.

“Alternatives to parking?”

The closest train station is Martin Place which is about 150m from Macquarie Street Physiotherapy. There are many nearby bus-stops, check with Sydney Buses for your closest stop.  There are public facilities for chaining bicycles along Macquarie Street.

“Is there disabled access?”

A lift takes you up from street level (or from parking level) and there is wheelchair access into Macquarie Street Physiotherapy.  Assistance animals are welcome.

“How long is an appointment (each session)?”

Initial appointments are 45 mins.  Subsequent appointments are usually 30 minutes.  Subsequent extended (45 min) appointments for complex problems, for two treatment areas or for core stability/exercise sessions are available.

“How many treatments will I need?”

This is very dependent on the type of problem, its severity and duration.  We try, through education and exercises, to enable you to facilitate recovery even when away from the physio.

“Do you manipulate?”

Although we are all manipulative physiotherapists we do not manipulate the cervical spine (neck) due to potential risks to the vertebral artery.  At times and with patients’ consent, we manipulate the thoracic and lumbar spine (mid and lower back).

“What should I bring?”

Bring any relevant x-rays/scans. If you have a doctor’s referral, bring that too.

“What should I wear?”

There is no need to bring specific clothing (we have shorts and gowns for your use). If you are attending for a running assessment bring running shoes, or for a group class bring comfortable clothing/gym gear (shoes are optional).

“Will it hurt?”

If you are in significant pain, we will treat the area very gently.  Our intention if for you to leave in a more comfortable state!  If you have an old chronic condition which may involve stiffness, some pain may be felt due to a firmer approach to treatment.  Either way, you must always inform your physio about pain, and they will not cause more than you can tolerate.

“Is it ok if I am not an athlete?”

Yes of course. Many of our patients work or live in the city, and we see a wide variety of conditions, ages and levels of activity.

“Cancellation policy?”

Your booking is for a specific time and we endeavour to spend your consultation dealing with you individually.  As such we request 24 hours notification of cancellation in order to offer the time to another patient.  Otherwise a non-attendance fee of $40 may be charged.

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