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Pilates Classes in Sydney’s CBD

There are many elements to promoting good health, well-being and mobility. At Macquarie Street Physiotherapy, we provide the option for those who visit, live in or work in Sydney’s CBD to join our Pilates classes.

Whether part of your regular exercise, your rehabilitation or for preventative reasons, our Pilates exercise sessions not only help promote core body strength and flexibility, but a calm state of mind. It is therefore an ideal activity to incorporate into your day to help manage stress, particularly if you work in or around the CBD.


Conveniently located near Martin Place, our Pilates classes cater for small groups of up to four attendees. We strive to keep the class sizes down to give you space, allow us to closely monitor each participant and enable us to give you personalised attention. Alternatively, we also offer one-to-one classes by arrangement.


Even if your main form of exercise is sports in another field, participating in Pilates classes is an important adjunct as it conditions and strengthens your body at the core. This helps prevent sports injuries that may otherwise arise from running, tennis, rugby, football, hockey, and many other forms of sport and exercise, including your regular gym workouts.


Doing Pilates is a great addition to your rehabilitation program, and given we are qualified physiotherapists, we are ideally placed to work around any special needs you may have if you are recovering from injury.


Pilates suits people of all ages and fitness levels and can help counter the degenerative effects of potential chronic pain and injuries from repetitive movements. For this reason, it is very good for parents or those who work with young children who need to often lift the children. For those who go to the gym regularly, the subtle core strengthening you get from Pilates helps to counter the possibility of repetitive movement injuries from movements such as lifting.

Our classes are suitable for anyone from beginners and intermediate right through to advanced Pilates students.



To aid in the mat Pilates sessions, we use a range of equipment including swiss balls, Pilates balls, resistance bands and foam rollers. All group sessions are mat classes.

Those who attend one-to-one classes may do a mat class, but may also make use of a Pilates Reformer, an apparatus originally designed by the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates. The Reformer is a horizontal frame with tracks which enable back and forth movement. Under our guidance, the participant sits or lies in the Reformer, which helps guide them through a range of exercises that promote balance, strength, flexibility and stretching.


One-to-one classes can be arranged according to mutual availability. Different group classes are held throughout the week. If you are one of our clients, we can refer you to the class that is appropriate for you. If you would simply like to attend our classes on a drop-in basis as part of your exercise, conditioning and stress-reducing regime, please call us several days ahead of time so we can firstly assess you, then direct you to the appropriate class. As classes are small in size, we ask that you contact us several days in advance to ensure a spot is available for you.


Whether you are an experienced Pilates student, or curious about attending a class for the first time, please contact us on (02) 9221 1604 to ask any questions or to book a class. We welcome your enquiry and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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