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Many of our clients love to run.   

They run at lunchtime, before work, after work, on the weekend, in their sleep – whenever they can. Others just like a light jog now and then, or they walk for exercise.

Running and walking, like all repetitive activity, can lead to strain on the body if good alignment and technique is not maintained. Lower limbs and back are most vulnerable, but sometimes the neck/shoulders or back can be affected.

Chicken or Egg?  

Whether your running style has resulted in tight muscles, a sore back, etc, or whether your tight muscles are affecting your running, and causing joint pain (or just slowing you down!) the cause needs to be determined.

How do we do this?   

Your physio will take a history and examine the problem area. Then they will look at, and film your gait on our treadmill. You then have the opportunity to view the recording frame by frame with your physio. By a systematic approach from the ground up, the components of your gait which may be contributing to your problems can be determined. Advice may then be given, for walkers up to elite runners, about strategies and exercises you may use to improve technique.

What do I do next?   

When you call the practice, let the reception staff know you are interested in a running assessment. If you are new to Macquarie Street Physiotherapy we allow 60 mins for the consultation so your physio can take your history and ask relevant medical questions. If you are a current patient, we have your history, and so should only need 45 mins for your assessment.

We look forward to helping you “stay on track” with your running!

What about other sport?  

If your pain relates to a different sport or your exercise at the gym, we can help sort out elements that might be letting you down. Just ask your physio at Macquarie Street Physiotherapy.


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