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Hip Strengthening for tendinitis/bursitis


Why do I prescribe hip strengthening for tendinitis and bursitis?

Often when people see me with pain on the side of the hip they are concerned that they are developing osteoarthritis (OA).  However, side of (lateral) hip pain that is felt right on the bone (trochanter) is more often due to inflammation of a tendon or bursa or both.

There are a number of reasons why you may have developed tendinitis/bursitis – and these are discussed more in an earlier Macquarie Street Physiotherapy blog.  No matter the cause, research tells us that the muscle controlling the side of the hip is likely to be weak.  Strengthening this muscle, the gluteus medius, is very effective in settling the problem and so LESS PAIN!

Here are the top 3 exercises that I use to reduce lateral hip pain by hip strengthening:

  1. Tipping
  2. Side lying hip abduction
  3. Crab walking

Your hip should feel better, not worse, from doing these exercises. So please don’t push on without seeing someone for guidance with hip strengthening if you keep having pain.

For personalized advice, assessment, treatment or small strength classes please contact our team at Macquarie Street Physiotherapy on 02 9221 1604, your friendly “physio near me”.


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