Core Stability / Pilates Classes – Sydney City CBD

There are many elements to promoting good health, well-being and mobility. At Macquarie Street Physiotherapy, we provide the option for those who live or work in Sydney’s CBD to join our Core Stability/Pilates classes.

Whether part of your regular exercise, or rehabilitation from injury or for preventative reasons. Our small-group Core Stability/Pilates sessions not only help promote core body strength and flexibility, but also a calm state of mind. It is therefore an ideal activity to incorporate into your day to help manage stress.


Pilates is a system of physical exercise, named after its developer and founder, Joseph Pilates, nearly 100 years ago. His inspiration for this method of exercise came to him during WW1, where injured soldiers needed rehabilitation. Later it was broadened for use with dancers. In more recent years, Pilates classes have been offered by most fitness studios as a way to improve core stability and general strength/condition.


Your core is made up of your abdominal muscles, your diaphragm and pelvic floor. These muscles are designed to work together to provide a stable base upon which your limbs can do their day to day duties, such as walking, sport, lifting, etc. Therefore if your core is stable and strong, there is better protection for your back when the limbs are loaded up, or if you have to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time. Even if your main form of exercise is sports in another field, participating in Pilates classes is an important adjunct as it conditions and strengthens your body at the core. For instance it helps prevent sports injuries that may otherwise arise from running, tennis, rugby, football, hockey, and many other forms of sport and exercise, including your regular gym workouts.


Our core stability classes bring together a range of disciplines. They could be described as Pilates-inspired, but also include upper and lower body strength exercises, stretches, and balance work. There is a focus on maintaining good spinal alignment. You will find all classes are conducted by qualified physiotherapists, therefore we are able to work around any special needs you may have if you are recovering from injury.


Core exercise suits people of all ages and fitness levels. It can help reduce headache, spinal or other joint pain. It is great for people who look after young children who need to bend and lift a lot. For those who go to the gym regularly, core strengthening you get from Pilates helps to protect the back and neck from injury related to resistance training. Moreover those who spend hours sitting or standing at a desk, it will provide the endurance you need to do this more comfortably.

In conclusion our individual or group classes are suitable for anyone from beginners and intermediate right through to advanced Pilates students.


In the mat Pilates sessions, we use a range of equipment including Swiss balls, Pilates balls, resistance bands and foam rollers. These additions make the classes challenging and interesting, and most importantly functional.

Those who attend one-to-one classes may do a mat class, however they may also make use of a Pilates Reformer.

The Reformer has a horizontal frame with tracks which enable back and forth movement of a carriage. Under physiotherapist guidance, the participant sits or lies on the Reformer carriage, and performs a range of exercises that promote balance, strength, flexibility and stretching.


Classes last 45 minutes and are held in our gym space adjacent to the practice. We recommend you wear comfortable “active gear” with or without shoes. There are change-rooms available.

One-to-one classes can be arranged according to mutual availability. Group classes are held throughout the week. There are never more than 4 participants. If you are a patient of Macquarie Street Physiotherapy, we can refer you to the class that is appropriate for you. If you are not currently a patient, simply call us to arrange an assessment, so we can direct you to the appropriate class.


Each group class is 45 minutes long, and costs $50. However, if you have extras with your private health insurance you may be able to claim a rebate towards your classes. The item is “Group Physiotherapy” or code 560. If you prefer to attend 1:1 sessions, these are billed as for Physiotherapy treatment.


If you are interested in more information about classes including strength classes at Macquarie Street Physiotherapy located in the Sydney City CBD, simply call 02 9221 1604 and our reception staff will be happy to help.