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Posture Tips for Travel

blog You are all excited about your heading off on your adventure perhaps the last thing on your mind is what posture tips do I need to know before I travel? Without careful consideration next step is one that physios often get involved in – treating the back and neck pain from lifting the suitcase from the taxi or the rotator cuff tear from taking luggage from the carousel. It’s enough to ruin your holiday! When you are going away there is often a lot going on, distractions and everything is rushed.  Your body is quite good lifting and carrying if you give it plenty of preparation and warning.  Of course, ideally, preparation started months before with some strength and conditioning at the gym or a sport.

Here are some tips to help avoid pain/injury whilst travelling:

  • Preferably start with a wheelie suitcase.
  • Have your suitcase up off the floor for packing (and stand upright now and then whilst packing it).
  • Know the weight of any suitcase you are about to lift.  Injuries can occur even when lifting a suitcase lighter than expected!
  • Take a moment to prepare by engaging your core and shoulder muscles before lifting bags in and out of a taxi, onto weighing belt, and off a carousel. Particularly with taking a bag from a carousel, set your shoulder blades back.
  • When lifting try to keep the case close to you, and avoid your torso being in a side-bent or rotated position.
  • If you have shoulder or neck problems ask for help with overhead lockers
  • Whether you are in a plane, train or automobile take a moment to adjust the seat. A lumbar roll behind the small of your back, even one fashioned from a jumper or towel, can assist with lower back and neck pain.
  • Take breaks from sitting to move around, and do exercises such as calf raises, glute squeezes and shoulder rolling whenever possible.
Good luck and happy, neck and back pain free travels!

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