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Posture Tips – Standing Desk

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You might think that a standing desk is the answer to all your back or neck issues at work.

However, did you realize it is possible to slouch at a standing desk?  And that your back or neck issues may continue as a result!

Standing slouching
looks a little different to sitting slouching:
1)     Hanging on one hip
2)     Hips forward of the rib cage
3)     Pelvis tilted forward
4)     Leaning on the desk
5)     Craning to view the screen

Actually the last two points also can happen sitting, but it’s important to realize that standing helps only if you get it right!

Best standing posture:
–        Even weight on both legs (or have one foot on a small step)
–        Hips under rib cage, pelvis “neutral”
–        Chin tucked in
–        Stay on the move – you don’t have to stand stock still!

Remember, you can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. At first it is recommended that you only stand for 30% of the day.