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Surf Ski Paddling on Sydney Harbour

blog Two years ago my personal trainer, Luke, decided to turn his own passion for surf ski paddling into a business, offering it as a new sport for his clients.  So with some trepidation, myself and some of my fellow training friends bit the bullet and found ourselves venturing onto the Sydney Harbour waters at Rose Bay.  Those first few sessions were hard, much of the time being spent in the water not on it!  Whilst sitting in the ski I often felt like jelly, but with practise and good instruction my stability improved. I also had not appreciated as a sport you have to use every part of your body – arms for pulling the paddle, legs to drive against the foot plate, trunk to power the pull as you rotate, and of course the core for stability. Luke has pushed me out of my comfort zone many times, from crossing the Sydney Harbour avoiding ferries and navy ships to paddling on the Hawkesbury to Palm Beach.  It is amazing what you can achieve with a positive mindset. I now surf ski paddle at least twice a week.  Each session is always different and includes interval training.  Over time, my fitness and strength has improved. I have to pinch myself sometimes realising how lucky I am to have a sport I love, on the most beautiful Harbour in the world and sharing it with some wonderful new friends.  A sport I can highly recommend to water loving people of all ages who love a bit of adventure and a challenge.

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