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Do your shoulders, neck and arm ache after a day at your desk?

Do you get back pain whilst sitting?

Does it take you some time to straighten up when you get up from your chair?

Do you get tingling/numbness or pain in the wrists and hands while keying/mousing?

Do you have a headache by day’s end?

Does your work require you to bend and lift – and you’re not sure of the best way to prevent back injury?

At Macquarie Street Physiotherapy a high percentage of our clients have sedentary occupations. We know that sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy for a number of reasons. It is important that you introduce standing and walking into your work day. When you are at your desk, there are guidelines relating to correct ergonomics and posture at your workstation which you can discuss with your OH & S provider, or with us.

Having a break from sitting is a good opportunity to practice some stretches of the back, arm and neck. Ask your physio which office exercises would suit you, and which should be used or avoided if you have back or neck pain. For example, strong neck stretches sometimes aggravate headache. Strong arm stretches may stir up RSI. It is important that you do exercises suitable to you.

Pain due to work can also be from being active rather than sedentary. Active jobs require lifting, bending, carrying. Some (such as photography or nursing) require the employee to hold static positions while bent or twisted. People working in trades may need to use tools which contribute to wrist, elbow or shoulder pain.

What can I do?  

Treatment for work related conditions may include assessment of the workplace and review of the postures and activities required for the occupation. There are physios at Macquarie Street Physiotherapy who can come to your workplace to perform a desk assessment, or other ergonomic assessment. Recommendations will be made about changes which can help prevent or reduce symptoms of RSI, or spinal pain or headaches. There is a variety of chairs, "mice" and document holders that can make life at work more comfortable.

If we do not come to your work we can try to reproduce the conditions that you are dealing with at our practice. Then we can give advice and appropriate exercises. You may need hands-on treatment or a brace for your condition.

Most treatment for work-related conditions is covered by Workcover or InjuryNETT. If you have a Workcover or injuryNETT claim, you will need a GP referral for physiotherapy. Otherwise no referral is necessary. We look forward to helping make your day at work less of a pain!


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