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Balance exercise to prevent broken hips


Can you stand on one leg? Perhaps after the age of 30/40 you may find this balance exercise difficult. Did you know that physiotherapy can help your balance? We were delighted to read a recent article published in the November 24, 2022 edition of The Sydney Morning Herald. The article features Justine Trethewey one of our Senior Physiotherapists at Macquarie Street Physiotherapy. Justine has been working as a manipulative physiotherapist and running core stability classes in the Sydney CBD for over twenty years and she is passionate about posture and balance related issues. She has recently has begun tailored strength classes for senior fitness groups. You can read below the article in full highlighting how one simple exercise improved one of her patients balance issues. To book a detailed and personalised assessment with Justine or any of our other experienced physiotherapists please contact us on 02 9221 1604

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Photo credit: Sara Stace demonstrates the exercise she does to strengthen her hip muscles in Sydney. Photographer: JANIE BARRETT, SMH Article 24/11/22


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