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We Come To You

Sometimes our patients are unable to attend our practice due to severe pain, recent injury, frailty, or inability relating to transport. If you live in the vicinity of Sydney’s CBD, one of our physiotherapists will endeavour to come to you as soon as possible, to ensure you get the best care in your home. Once your mobility picks up, we are happy to continue your care at the clinic, and get you on the road to recovery.physio home visit

Post-surgical rehabilitation, acute pain, decreased mobility, dizziness and chest infection are examples of problems which may be best dealt with in the home.

Initially, following surgery, you may find walking/driving/catching a bus difficult. In this case, we can commence your rehabilitation at home. If you have access in your building to a gym/pool and if this is appropriate, we can supervise and guide you about use of equipment, and make sure you are safe. Home hydrotherapy programmes can also be created.

Severe back or neck pain can make getting out of bed extremely difficult. Joint mobilisation, massage, ultrasound, and gentle exercise are all possible modes of treatment we might use to reduce pain and improve mobility. Taping, braces or walking aids can also be provided to help get you moving.

Age or disability may contribute to deconditioning, poor balance and loss of confidence. Navigating stairs, getting up from bed or chair, and other daily activities can become a challenge. Advice and functional exercises may help you with the mobility and balance you need to be independent in and out of your home. We can also refer you for further help with rails, etc., as needed.

Severe dizziness can make standing and walking almost impossible. Some acute forms of dizziness are able to be treated by a physiotherapist. One of the most common causes of dizziness is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), which can be diagnosed and treated in your home.

Severe respiratory infection such as pneumonia and bronchitis can benefit from chest physiotherapy. Postural drainage, percussion and vibration of the chest, along with breathing exercises, can assist in clearing excessive secretions.

If you have an emergency situation, call for an ambulance by dialing 000. If it is not an emergency, our reception staff can be contacted on 9221 1604 to discuss what is needed.

They will help advise you whether a physio or your GP is more appropriate to attend, and assist with making an appointment.

If you have Extras, physiotherapy home visits may attract a rebate through your private health insurance. Check with your insurance provider if you are unsure. Pricing for home visits is dependent on proximity of your home to our practice. Our reception staff will let you know more when you call.