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Runners Exercises


Watch the below series of four runners exercises designed especially for runners by Simon Reid from Macquarie Street Physiotherapy. All these runners exercises use everyday items you have at home.

The first runners exercise will focus on strengthening the calf. The second will target the hamstring. The third features the Bulgarian Sit Squat and will help target your glute, quad and abductor and all you need is a chair and a weight. The fourth will feature the side plank. This exercise will help you avoid injury in your ankle, knee and lower back.

If you enjoy these runners exercise videos, you can find more on our YouTube channel and facebook page. Alternatively you can book a private physiotherapy session, runners assessment, class or zoom class with any of our qualified physiotherapists. We run core stability and strength classes. Macquarie Street Physiotherapy also specialises in the treatment of neck and back pain. Call 02 9221 1604 to make a booking.

Video One: Calf Strengthening

Video Two: Hamstring

Video Three: Glute, Quad and Abductor

Video Four: Injury Prevention


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