SIMON REID Manipulative Physiotherapist

Simon Reid Physiotherapist

Simon Reid is our principal physiotherapist. He graduated from the University of Sydney in 1996. He completed his Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy in 2006, particularly focusing on hands treatment, exercise prescription and clinical reasoning.

He loves managing sports injuries, performing treadmill gait analysis, and personalised exercise programs. As part of this interest in exercise, he runs core stability, strength and Tai Chi classes.

Simon is especially proud of his efforts to engage senior residents of the Sydney CBD. Assisting them to maintain fitness while making social and community connections, enhancing physical and mental wellbeing.

Simon is passionate about foot health and using exercise to treat foot conditions. In addition to exercise and hands on treatment, Simon finds dry needling a valuable treatment tool. He has extensive ergonomic experience and provides workplace assessments for our clients.

Simon specialises in the assessment and management of dizziness in particular treatment of BPPV/ Vertigo and is trained to preform the Epley maneuver.