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Senior Fitness – Sydney City CBD


Senior fitness is something you may not think much about until your health starts to decline. It is important to understand that exercise and in particular strength training can enhance your quality of life and improve your ability to do everyday activities.  Strength training can also protect your joints from injury and contributes to better balance and coordination. This is important in helping you maintain independence as you age. 

Seniors may find that they now have to contend with symptoms of chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, obesity or weight loss, heart disease, depression, diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol and a increase risk of falls. The signs and symptoms of these conditions can be reduced by exercise and in particular strength training.

Research also suggests that regular strength training and aerobic exercise may help improve thinking and learning skills for older adults.

Why is Strength training important for senior fitness?

Strength training will help you preserve the muscle you have and help you build your strength. We all lose muscle as we age so strength training is vital, as the old saying goes “use it or lose it”! Another advantage of strength training is it can be done laying down, seated and standing, meaning you can exercise safely. Strength training doesn’t have to be just lifting weights, by using equipment like a cable machine and TRX (total body resistance exercise machine) and resistance bands you can target the areas you need to strengthen, while providing a measure of control and adding variety into your routine.

Macquarie Street Physiotherapy specialises in classes targeted at the needs of senior fitness. We have several options of different classes that you can try. Firstly, your physiotherapist, Simon Reid, Justine Trethewey or Kate Armstrong, can create an individual plan right for your conditions and fitness goals. Then you can chose to enter a strength class, core stability class or tai chi class with others of a similar level to you. Or you may wish to continue sessions one on one or with one friend. The freedom to chose means you can decide what you are comfortable with and what suits you personally. Being situated in Sydney’s CBD means we are easily accessible by train or bus. Why not call our friendly reception staff to discuss your fitness options on 02 9221 1604.


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